MAC Regional Championship


The Marksmanship Advisory Council (MAC) Region Matches are designed to provide a combat focused marksmanship sustainment training event in each of the seven MAC Regions. These matches are the second priority in the CNGB guidance for sustainment training events. The matches are opperational focused marksmanship sustainment exercises, designed to validate and sustain perishable marksmanship skills essential to mobilization readiness and success.

NGMTC Responsibilities:
a. Provides planning guidance.

b. Provides limited funding for support staff.

c. Provides staff support assistance.

d. Governs consistency in region sustainment events.

e. Provides ammunition.

f. Provide feedback to the Match OIC.

MAC Regional and Chair Responsibilities:
a. Coordinates and plans with NGMTC.

b. Publishes and distributes the Official Match Program and

Official Results Bulletin.

c. Provides leadership and planning.

d. Insure adequate resources for match.

e. Execute.

f. After Action Reports.

SMC Responsibilities:
a. Assisting the MAC Chairman and Match Director.

b. Support and train their state teams.

c. Provides transportation for the teams.

d. Insure weapons and equipment are secure.

e. Insure all personnel are on orders.

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